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Hans-Georg Behr

Austrian psychiatrist dr. Hans-Georg Behr (AT, 1937-2010) was a Green Party parliamentarian in Germany, history professor (University of Vienna) and prolific author.

Von Hanf ist die RedeVon Hanf ist die Rede
Hans-Georg Behr

After studying Medicine, Clinical Psychology and Linguistics, dr. Hans-Georg Behr authored features for Die Zeit, Stern, Das Kursbuch and TransAtlantik.

His books include Weltmacht Droge (World Power Drug: The Business of Addiction), Unsere Unterwelten (Our Underworld), and Von Hanf ist die Rede: Kultur und Politik einer Droge (Hemp is the Question: the Culture and Politics of a Drug), a seminal work hailed as the German counterpart to Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Originally published in 1982, a completely revised edition came out in 1995.

Hans-Georg BehrHans-Georg Behr
Happy as Charlie Chaplin

Unfortunately, poor health prevented Hans Georg Beht from attending the award ceremony in Amsterdam, but his sense of humour was unaffected. "I am honoured like Charlie Chaplin to receive this Oscar just before passing away,"  joked Dr. Behr when he received the news.