Cannabis Culture Awards | introductionCannabis Culture Awards | introduction

What are the Cannabis Culture Awards?

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Amsterdam confers the Cannabis Culture Awards to those who have taken a place - whether high or low profile - at the frontline of the struggle for acceptance of cannabis in all of its forms, nobly working to ensure that this extraordinary plant has a future where it is fully utilized and a history that is known and appreciated.

A certificate and a token monetary award of €3000 are presented at the Cannabis Culture Awards Ceremony, which takes place in the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Amsterdam Amsterdam and its sister museum, the Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum in Barcelona.

Cannabis Culture Awards 2008Cannabis Culture Awards 2008
Outstanding contributions

The Cannabis Culture Award was previously known as the Cannabis Cultuur Prijs and was initiated in 2004 by philanthropist Ben Dronkers in order to honor and reward people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of hemp and cannabis. Previous winners include former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Dries van Agt, Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, American activist Jack Herer, American author Ed Rosenthal and Dutch entrepreneur Henk de Vries.

Dries van AgtDries van Agt
A necessary award

Within the struggle for acceptance of Cannabis it is extremely important for people with a public voice to stand up and share their opinions, without reservation. The Cannabis Culture Awards is granted to persons and organizations who have proven time and again that they do  not shy away from adding vehemently to the on-going debate regarding the legalization of cannabis. Their engagement is an example to us all.

At a time when the debate on drugs is being infused with hope and optimism in countries all over the world, it is more important than ever to acknowledge those who have made a genuine difference to the perception and use of this unfairly maligned plant.